Michael Spiro

'Mabagwe: A Tribute to the Mayores' - nominated for a 2019 Cubadisco (Cuban Grammy Awards)!


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the rhythm of invention

Patois Records, 2019

Prod. Wayne Wallace


2019 cubadisco nominee (Cuban grammies)

Mabagwe - A tribute to "los Mayores"

The first foreign record to be nominated for a Cubadisco (2019)

Eguin Eje Records, 2017

Prod. Michael Spiro, José Luis Gómez, Jesus Diaz


BÁkini - en el nuevo mundo

IU Music/Latin American Music Center, 2017

Prod. Michael Spiro and Joe Galvin

Midwest Records, 10/11/17: "MICHAEL SPIRO-JOE GALVIN/Bakini: These two cats gathered a few other like minded world beat travelers to show you how the casual ear might think it all sounds the same but has enough nuance to fill an encyclopedia.  A solid set for the deep and real drum enthusiast, this is more in the spirit of Nonesuch Explorer’s than it is casual world beat excursions.  It’s as authentic as you can get....."


Canto américa

Patois Records, 2016

Prod. Michael Spiro and Wayne Wallace

2017 Latin Jazz Grammy Nominee


ritmos unidos

Patois Records, 2014

Prod. Michael Spiro


cantigas e ritmos dos orixas

Jorge Alabê, 2012

Prod. Michael Spiro


Día real

Moondo Records Inc, 2009

Prod. Michael Spiro, Cecilia Engelhart, Bob Karty



Danzonemos Productions, 2006

Prod. Michael Spiro,Tregar Otton, Bob Karty



BataMbira Productions, 2005

Prod. Michael Spiro


ilu aña - sacred rhythms

Bembé Records, 2001

Prod. Michael Spiro, Regino Jiménez, Andrew Schloss


Bata ketu

Bembé Records, 1996

Prod. Michael Spiro, Mark Lamson

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